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Free Demand
A form letter is sent to the debtor bearing Creditors Recovery Systems' name, informing the debtor that their delinquent account is being turned over to Creditors Recovery Systems and they are given a set amount of days in which to remit payment to you. more
Collections can be started immediately or as the next step from the free demand service. Creditors Recovery Systems, acting on your company's behalf, begins collections procedures with the utmost professionalism. Our tactics are effective but never "strong-arm" or unprofessional.. more
Not all accounts can be recovered amicably. Clients may then wish the matter be turned over to a corresponding attorney for legal action. Creditors Recovery Systems selects an attorney and functions as a legal liaison between the creditor and attorney. Our membership in the Commercial Law League offers us access to a list of attorneys specializing in the collection of commercial accounts. These attorneys are bonded by law list which we employ to assure their honesty in these matters. more
Online Client Portal
Our web based database provides our clients with instant access to amounts collected, current status, and other pertinent information regarding collection efforts. Although we can always be reached in person during regular office hours, Creditors Recovery Systems understands the importance of 24/7 access. This system has been upgraded to the latest security standards because the security of your information is our top priority. more