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Online Database
Creditors Recovery Systems allows you to view your accounts online. We have developed a system that you can securely access with a unique username and password. We have custom designed this database to meet our clients collection needs.

Online Placement
Creditors Recovery Systems offers online claim placement of your accounts. You have three options; free demand, immediate, and legal handling. Your receivables will be processed within 24 business hours and a formal acknowledgement letter will be emailed to you..

We understand what it takes to succeed in the modern world!

7 Point Protection

1. The agency has filed a bond for the protection of the companies it serves.

2. The agency agrees to maintain a separate Trust Account into which all monies rightfully belonging to creditors are placed.

3. The agency subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics which serves to protect creditors as well as debtors.

4. Creditors may call on the section's Executive Director at any time should a complaint arise regarding a section member.

5. The agency has been in business for at least Five (5) years.

6. The agency's executives are professionals who attend regular meetings during each year and are acquainted with the latest rules and regulations pertaining to the collection industry as well as the techniques involved in streamlining and improving collections.

7. The agency can help creditors choose local counsel with experience in creditor's rights if and when use in such services becomes necessary.


Know Your Agency

Commercial Law League
Creditors Recovery Systems is a member of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America. Before being admitted to the Commercial Collection Agencies of America,, a collection agency must meet a rigid set of standards applying to staff, reliability, financial responsibility, experience, and professionalism. Our membership is one way of illustrating our effort to provide you with well-informed collection professionals to represent your company.

Our proven track record, dedication and irreproachable ethics are best illustrated by the references of our clientele. Please ask your salesperson to provide you with our references. 

For your protection, Creditors Recovery Systems maintains a $50,000 security bond through the Illinois Secretary of State as well as being a fully licensed commercial collection agency. A $300,000 bond is posted to the Commercial Collection Agencies of America for added coverage.

Our Services

Immediate Collections

As you know, there are various reasons why customers do not pay in a timely manner - disputes over invoices, financial problems or less than scrupulous business practices. Each situation presents different collection challenges and we believe sound advice from an experienced collection agency is your best tool.

  • CRS recognizes that we work for you and understands the importance of keeping our clients apprised of all relevant development on your accounts.
  • We use professional and effective collection tactics while never strong arming your customers, knowing the importance of maintaining your public image
  • Within 60 days of placement you will have one of the following:
    1. All of your money,
    2. A repayment plan that is acceptable to you, or
    3. A detailed explanation why your money has not been collected and may be escalated to our legal department for handling.
  • Free Demand Service

    If requested, this complementary letter service is offered prior to immediate collections.

  • CRS mails a demand letter bearing our letterhead to your customer the day we receive the placement from you.
  • We place the file on hold until the due date mentioned on the Free Demand form.
  • If the debtor contacts our office during the free demand period we will redirect them back to you.
  • If you do receive payment within the free demand period, simply let us know and we will close the file no questions asked, and even better No Fees!
  • If you have not received payment within indicated time frame, CRS will begin immediate collections.
  • Legal Forwarding

    This is a courtesy service we provide if our collectors are unsuccessful.

  • No out of pocket costs!
  • Accounts are monitored by our office. We work as a liaison between you and the attorney
  • Licensed and bonded attorneys’ in the same venue as your customer.
  • Attorney will reach out to your customer by sending a demand letter and making phone calls to attempt to resolve the matter amicably.
  • If an amicable resolution is unsuccessful, counsel will provide suit requirements. At that time you can decide if you would like to litigate or simply close the file.
  • In the event the attorney should collect without litigation our competitive and contingent standard rates apply. Please contact our office for details.
  • Business Skip Tracing and Asset Evaluation

    CRS will locate your debtor or responsible principle to begin collection efforts in difficult situations where the debtor has vanished. Our team has the ability to evaluate assets to determine the best course of action to proceed and decide if filing suit is a viable option. This is a complementary service that we provide to our client to capitalize on maximum recovery.

    Our comprehensive Reports include but is not limited to:

  • Assets Owned
  • Current and past addresses
  • Motor Vehicle Search
  • Liens and Judgments Searches
  • Secured Creditors

  • CRS wants you to feel confident that your accounts are being handled by an experienced and professional firm.