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Our Rates

Strictly Contingent
We only get paid if we collect! This assures you our collectors will do their due diligence to collect payment in full.

No Contract!
CRS has been in business for 25 years standing by the principle of trust, honesty, and loyalty. We want you to feel confident, safe, and know you are doing business with experienced collection professionals. Terms and conditions agreement can be created for legal purposes of both parties upon request.

Individual Rates
Rates are based on several factors including age of claim, dollar amount, and volume of accounts.   

Competive Pricing

Preferred Rates
CRS recognizes early placement and rewards our clients with a discounted rate. Our below rates are for commercial accounts placed within 120 days of the last invoice generated (excluding finance charges).  

Account Size Contingent Fee
Over $25,000 Negotiable
$700.00 to $25,000 18% 1st $4,000, 15% on balance

We understand every collection portfolio is unique and our top priority is to maximize your net return.
Please input your contact information to the left in order to discuss our contingent rates and your specific needs.

Rate Exceptions
Discovery Fee - In the event our investigation should reveal payment has been sent prior to placement, one-half the normal fee will apply.
Withdrawal of Accounts - On placement of any account that is withdrawn once collection efforts begin, we reserve the right to charge one-half of the normal fee.
Merchandise Returns - One-half the normal fee will apply on authorized returns.
International Claims - An additional 10% will be added to our Standard Rates schedule.
Returned Checks - All returned checks will be billed under our Standard Rates schedule.
Legal Fees - Standard Rates will apply to accounts referred to an attorney. However, upon our client's approval of legal proceedings, a 10% suit fee will be charged with a portion or the full amount that may be requested prior to suit. Court costs will be required in advance and will vary with jurisdiction.