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We Promise

Creditors Recovery Systems, Inc. believes that with the changing economy of the Credit Executive must meet these demands.  The Executive must investigate accounts, set limits, monitor accounts, and on rare occasions, must turn over accounts to a third party.  We at Creditors Recovery Systems, Inc. understand the pressures the Credit Executive is under.  We have set up our systems to alleviate some of the concerns you may have prior to, or after placing an account with this agency.

Our systems are set up to constantly monitor accounts from the time they are placed until they are concluded.  We believe in keeping the Credit Executive informed at all stages of the account handling.  Our reports indicate a time frame during which our efforts are being made and a suggestion as to how long the process will take.  Our reports take the form of personal letters-not computerized listings. 

We feel that most accounts can be resolved amicably, however on those accounts that must have attorney intervention, we will forward these to one of the several law firms we know to be professional and knowledgeable on Commercial Law.  While most agencies allow legal matter to simply drag on, our staff constantly monitors these matters and keeps our clients advised of all pertinent developments. 

We at Creditors Recovery Systems, Inc. believe that no agency can operate effectively in a static setting.  We recognize the constantly changing financial environment and adapt our various systems to take advantage of and not to be constrained by these changes.  To continue to benefit the Credit Executive, Creditors Recovery Systems, Inc. constantly monitors the needs of our clients and we feel that your input is important.  We take the approach that while two heads are better than one, many heads are better than two.  Staff meetings are held to discuss the needs of our clients and to formulate specific responses to those needs.

In conclusion, we stand ready to serve you and are hopeful that after reviewing this material you will see that we are a Service that stands ready to assist you in the many facets of the Credit and Collection field.