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7 Point Protection

1. The agency has filed a bond for the protection of the companies it serves.

2. The agency agrees to maintain a separate Trust Account into which all monies rightfully belonging to creditors are placed.

3. The agency subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics which serves to protect creditors as well as debtors.

4. Creditors may call on the section's Executive Director at any time should a complaint arise regarding a section member.

5. The agency has been in business for at least Five (5) years.

6. The agency's executives are professionals who attend regular meetings during each year and are acquainted with the latest rules and regulations pertaining to the collection industry as well as the techniques involved in streamlining and improving collections.

7. The agency can help creditors choose local counsel with experience in creditor's rights if and when use in such services becomes necessary.

Immediate Collections

Experienced Agency
As you know, there are various reasons why customers do not pay in a timely manner - disputes over invoices, financial problems or less than scrupulous business practices. Each situation presents different collection challenges and we believe sound advice from an experienced collection agency is your best tool.

  • CRS recognizes that we work for you and understands the importance of keeping our clients apprised of all relevant development on your accounts.
  • We use professional and effective collection tactics while never strong arming your customers, knowing the importance of maintaining your public image.
  • Within 60 days of placement you will have one of the following
    1. All of your money
    2. A repayment plan that is acceptable to you, or
    3. A detailed explanation why your money has not been collected and may be escalated to our legal department for handling. (See our Legal Page for more details)